The principal source of information for genealogists/family historians and for those seeking their record of Baptism, Confirmation or Marriage is the parish register. Parish registers consist of records of Baptism, Confirmation, Banns/Marriages and Burials. Since the registers contain personal information, access to the records at the present time is restricted. The Archivist can conduct a search for you upon completion of the form below. The registers are not indexed, so it is important that you complete the form below to the best of your knowledge.

Please remember that the person must have been Anglican (or Church of England) and residing within the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Qu'Appellle. From 1884 to 1968, the diocesan boundaries were largely co-terminous with the old provisional district of Assiniboia consisting of the southern quarter of the modern-day Province of Saskatchewan and the extreme southeastern portion of the present-day Province of Alberta. In 1968, the Alberta parishes were transferred to the Diocese of Calgary.

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