Easter Greetings

Giver of all, we are nourished with your Easter sacraments. Fill us with the Spirit of love, and unite us in faith, that we may be witnesses to the resurrection and show your glory to all the world, in the name of Jesus Christ the risen Lord. BAS p332.

It is wonderful to share with you this Eastertide about the many ways you witness to the resurrection to all the world. Acting on the recommendation of the Diocesan Finance Committee, Diocesan Council moved that $5,000 be sent from our Burundi offerings account and that there be a special Lenten appeal on Lent 4, March 26th and the last Sunday in Lent, April 2nd to generate emergency aid for our sisters and brothers in the diocese of Muyinga, Burundi. I thank you most sincerely for responding to the emergency appeal to pray and to give financially to the diocese of Muyinga. Together with $5,000 already sent, just over $10,000 has been received in the special emergency Lenten appeal.

Bishop Paisible and his parishioners are deeply moved and appreciative of your loving generosity to act in this way. Your prayers and financial donations will play a significant role in the life condition of the beneficiaries and the people under their care. Please see attached report. 

NOTE: I will visit Muyinga in June this year and attend a conference with +Paisible in Nairobi, Kenya.

Prayer is vital to who we are as a people of God and I recognize increasingly the Lord’s call for us to pray. Sadly there are so many situations and peoples in our world in desperate need. We note this week our Primate’s call to us to intercede for our sisters and brothers not only in Canada but around the world this Holy Week. I also draw your attention to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s call to join a global wave of prayer from 25th May to 4th June. As we join #pledge2pray, please watch www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m9h3FoeXNA?&wmode=tra . On this site you will find many resources to help families, individuals and churches engage in praying for people to come to faith and journey in faith and I would add be people exercising their faith.

We may sometimes wonder what difference can our little efforts help but we know that we can pray and that our Lord teaches us that, ‘If we have faith the size of a mustard seed’ great things will be achieved. So I encourage you to make prayer a priority, for God’s creation, and all who dwell therein, desperately need it.

2017 DATES to NOTE:

Saturday, April 22   

The Diocesan Anglican Church Women gather at St Matthew’s Regina. This year's theme: “I am the vine, you are the branches.” The guest speaker is Teri Parrill the National ACW representative from Western Newfoundland. More information can be found on the website on the Diocesan Events page.

Saturday, May 6  

The Commissioning of Diocesan Readers takes place at St Paul’s Cathedral beginning at 2.00 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend and join us we offer prayer and blessing to those stepping out in new ministry.

Wednesday, May 31  Ordination of Deacon Ed Dunfield as Priest at St Paul’s Cathedral. The service begins at 7.00 pm and you are invited to attend.



Bishop Michael Ipgrave and his wife Julia will visit the Diocese of Qu’Appelle for one week beginning August 28.  

Matthew Gobbett St Aidan Moose Jaw has applied to go to Lichfield as a St Chad’s Volunteer starting July and the diocese is working out a placement for him. In the meantime, they are mindful for someone who might assist as a St Chad’s Volunteer with administration in our Diocesan Office, like Millie Swan did.

  1. CAPA VISIT (Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa) visit in September. The delegation includes Archbishop Albert Chama, the Chairman of CAPA and Canon Grace Kaiso, the General Secretary along with Isaac Mukasa from the Anglican Church of Canada office. They will arrive by car Thursday September 21st and spend Friday September 22nd 2017 in Qu’Appelle.
  2. SOUTH SUDAN – letter from Bursary Grant recipient….

To Diocese of Qu’Appelle through  Bishop Rob:  

Best greetings by the name of our lord Jesus Christ Amen. I am very happy to send you this letter to acknowledge your assistance for again paying my school fees. My heart beats to believers of Diocese of Qu’Appelle.  I also remember you people in my prayers and I will never forget you, as a child cannot forget her mother and father. The money that I received was in Kenya shillings equivalent to one thousand US dollars. This money will be enough for the whole term.  I will pay  fifty seven thousand for my semester  and the remaining money I will  use  for  other  school activities.  I thank all believers those who give their money by the name of God. May our God bless you all. This is semester one of the second year.  I wish you a very good new year 2017.  God bless the diocese of Qu’Appelle.   Archdeacon Abraham Malith Deng in Kakuma refugee camp.

NOTE: All Saints, Regina have generously given money for the costs of one semester. Could your parish help fund a semester?

  1. SOUTH SUDAN - Visit and Letter from the Revd Nathaniel Deng

Dear Bishop. Greetings in the Name of our Saviour Jesus Christ. I arrived safely in Kenya. It has been a blessing to meet with friends, clergy colleagues and family members in Nakuru and Nairobi. With your directive and blessing, and the advice from Ven. David Chol Deng, I have delivered the clergy clothing to Ven. John Ayuel, Duk, the diocesan coordinator and senior clergy in Kenya. I have given Ven. John the instructions that the clothing be sent to Kakuma Refugee Camp for the clergy members and that the rest of the clothing be sent to the clergy in the Diocese of Duk, South Sudan. I have given the choir robes donated by friends and congregation in St. Mary's Regina to Rev. Isaiah Kuir Ajang for use by the Cathedral choir at Panyagoor in the Diocese of Kongor, South Sudan. Yours in Lord's service, Nathaniel



General Synod 2016 directed that dioceses and provincial synods consult and comment on the first reading of the motion to change the marriage canon. We still await the guiding document, to be produced by the Council of General Synod, however, in our waiting we should use this time wisely. We are asked to continue to pray, to study, and discuss further the doctrinal changes to the marriage canon voted on at GS 2016. Though some wait for diocesan guidance before such engagement and discussion begins, it does not preclude us from studies or conversations at the parish or individual level.

It is my considered opinion that we should have discussions at the parish and regional level by the end of May 2018 – with an invitation to all who choose to attend – and then meet for a one day Synod by November of that year. Everyone should have the opportunity to meet, study, consult and comment. Once this is completed at parish and regional levels, feedback can be gathered and distributed to the whole diocese. The one day Synod in November 2018 will not provide opportunity to vote on the motion to change the marriage canon, but it will provide a vehicle in which we can report back to General Synod. The mechanism to do that is by way of a diocesan synod memorial or motion to General Synod. It will require elected members of the Diocesan Synod to draft that, should they choose to do so.


A cycle ride is again planned for 2017 with a route through the northern areas of the diocese. I plan to visit churches along a 1235 km ride; Kindersley, Kenaston, Kyle, Kennell and Kamsack to name just a few. A southern route is being planned for 2018 or 2019. On completion of these pilgrimages I hope to have cycled to every church and parish in the diocese.                                                       

Diocesan Council moved: That we authorize a Bishop’s Cycle Ride across the diocese from July 20 to August 5, 2017. That all participants, duly registered, follow the rules of the road and heed the information given in the registration pack provided. That money raised by the bishop will go to the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund. Monies raised by other participants will be divided 50:50 with their own church and the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund or given in total to the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund.

I look forward to meeting with you and cycling with some of you this summer.

+ Bishop Rob Hardwick