An experiential learning opportunity for those who feel called to the ministry of listening and praying with others

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a one-on-one ministry of prayer and listening.   The Director helps people be attentive to God’s work in their life.

Spiritual direction is not about finding solutions to life’s problems. It is about deepening one’s relationship with God.

The Director is present as a compassionate and respectful witness to the joys and sorrows of the journey of another.

What do Spiritual Directors do?

Spiritual Directors:

  • Listen
  • Pray
  • Foster a contemplative attitude
  • Help directees discern the already present action of God 

What are some of the qualities of a Spiritual Director?

A Spiritual Director is a person who:

  • seeks to live a life of authentic holiness
  • is spiritually mature
  • is biblically knowledgeable
  • is wise
  • is prayerful
  • can create a space of trust and keep confidences
  • is a good listener
  • is not judgmental or condemning

A spiritual director is first and foremost called, and gifted, and then seeks the training, knowledge, and skills to wholeheartedly respond to God’s prompting to be the vessel through which God’s Spirit can work.” Schwanda and Sattler

The Aim of the Programme is to provide an opportunity for participants:

  • to grow spiritually
  • develop personally
  • acquire skills and resources for this ministry of spiritual companionship.

Course participants must be willing to share at a deep level, open to growth and prepared to accept feedback and supervision.

The course will explore a variety of topics including:

  • The nature of Spiritual Direction
  • The practical skills needed to be a Spiritual Director
  • Individual faith journeys and spiritual pilgrimage
  • Images of God
  • Different traditions of Christian spirituality
  • The spiritual disciplines
  • Theology and theodicy
  • Issues in spirituality, personality and prayer
  • Self-awareness 

What will we do together?  

Prayer, worship, reflection, discussion and discernment will be used alongside lectures/talks and practical exercises in this experiential course.


  • Biblical familiarity and a theological foundation are pre-requisites for this programme.
  • If not already doing so, participants should arrange to be receiving spiritual direction by the time the course begins.
  • Participants will need to provide the names of two (2) people willing to receive direction. This is for the 6 month practicum.

Time Commitment:

DATES for 2018 / 2019 programme are TO BE DETERMINED.

The time commitment will be seven weekends over 16 months. While most of our meetings will begin on Friday evenings and end after lunch on the Sunday, on occasion, the group gathering will begin on a Thursday and end on Sunday.

Participants will be required to stay at the retreat facility for the duration of the sessions.

Every effort should be made to attend all the sessions.

Those interested in this programme should contact Archdeacon Catherine at (306) 522-3103 or email [email protected] for an application form or for more information.

Each applicant will be interviewed by representatives of the course support team prior to acceptance to explore their understanding of, experience with and openness to this form of ministry. Interviews will be conducted at an agreed upon time..

The cost of the programme is $3,000.00. Payments can be made in installments.

Please prayerfully consider this ministry.