Over 100 Anglicans from across the diocese attended the Q Event 2014 held at Briercrest College, Caronport held October 25-26, 2014.  By all accounts it was a wonderful event and we look forward to Q-2016.

Evaluation of worship and music:

  • Excellent/Energizing /Uplifting/Awesome (15)
  • Good (9)
  • Awesome Icebreaker (2)


  • Would have liked one “traditional” hymn
  • Cursillo evening could be shorter
  • Could include a time to encourage new believers or those with failing faith

Evaluation of keynote speaker (Bishop Mark Rylands)

  • Wonderful/Excellent/Fantastic/Inspiring (20)
  • Good/Enjoyable (6)

 Evaluation of workshops

  • All Workshops were very well received.
  • Course descriptions would have been helpful
  • Would have liked to attend more.

Evaluation of location and facility

  • Excellent/Good Facility (27)

Other Comments:

  • Perhaps breakfast could have been better.
  • Landing smells moldy, otherwise great.
  • Need to have maps of town

Saturday Banquet Evaluation

  • Good/Great/Enjoyable (17)
  • Supper space limited, needed more tables and chairs
  • not sure if it was much better option than cafeteria

Regional Sharing

  • Helpful/Interesting (18)


  • Not enough time for regional sharing
  • Too noisy for regional sharing
  • Need more of this!


  • Concert wonderful but maybe not necessary, people were tired.
  • Concert was very good, unfortunately not well attended. Perhaps should have been earlier?
  • Having the concert at 8:30 was perhaps too late after a long day
  • Keith Kitchen concert would have been better to start during coffee and dessert time with prayer and praise moved a bit later to conclude the evening.

Your expectations of the weekend and what you ended up “taking away

  • Renewal/Reflection/Rejuvenated! (7)
  • Met Expectations (7)
  • Exceeded Expectations (5)


  • Affirmation, new ideas & fresh eyes to what we are doing & not doing.
  • Tools and ideas and things to run with in my congregation, parish, and deanery
  • Time for action! Enough talk, let’s get moving.
  • Feeling better equipped for our MAP and case for support.
  • We are a Diocese who can come together in work for mission for God.

Other comments and suggestions

  • Timely/better promotion (8)
  • Bulletin inserts to promote event
  • Pulpit announcements to promote event
  • Parish sponsorship for participants
  • Personal testimony of “what I learned”.
  • Keep promoting the event to get more people to come to it.
  • Encourage more involvement and more people. r.
  • Those who attend should be encouraged to share their insights and experience with their parish.
  • Longer regional discussion time.
  • Great event, just wish I knew how to get more to come.
  • As some take action, get others on board.
  • Promote children and teen program to encourage families to come.
  • Include a brief introduction for each session
  • No bottled water – environment
  • Agenda should include room numbers and buildings.
  • We need to let go of the fear and take hold of our trust in God and step out of our comfort zone.
  • Emphasize that it is not just for vestry or church leaders but a time for everyone (including new believers) and all ages and stages of life for fellowship, learning, and prayer.
  • Have a website and Facebook for Diocese that promotes topics, speakers, and some “endorsements” from previous attendants.