Fall Lutheran Anglican Gathering (F.L.A.G)

September 27-29, 2022

September 27th – 29th 2022 Temple Gardens, Moose Jaw SK THEME – A Digital World and the Life of the Church


Tuesday, September 27


1:30 Registration Salon A & B

2:30 Welcome and Worship

3:00 Plenary 1: Technology is in our Churches- An introductory exploration of the reality of technology in the life of our own churches

4:30 Coffee break

5:00 “Bishops’ less-than-20-minutes” – Jointly +Sid and +Helen

5:30 Supper


7:00 Plenary 2: Why are we doing what we are doing; an invitation to “counter practice”

8:30 Evening Prayer

9:00 Free time

Wednesday, September 28


8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Morning Prayer

9:30 Plenary 3: Two thinkers and what they have to say to us: Katherine Schmidt and Kate Ott

10:30 Coffee break

10:45 This hour has 45 minutes [Lutheran gathering; free time for Anglicans]

12:00 Lunch sponsored by Kinasao Lutheran Bible Camp


12:50 A few words from Darin Felstrom, Executive Director, Kinasao Lutheran Bible Camp

1:00 Anglican clergy gathering [free time for Lutherans]

2:30 Free time

5:30 Dinner


7:30 Communion Service @ St. Aidan Anglican Church

Social time to follow- St. Aidan Anglican Church

9:00 Free time

Thursday, September 29


8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Plenary 4: Let’s talk: debriefing the choices we have made – and might yet make- regarding online life for our churches

10:30 Sending Service