2024 Lenten Appeal

Lent calls us to practice almsgiving. It invites us to examine ourselves honestly on how subtly we have accepted society’s addiction to possessions, to affluence. Through the days of Lent we are encouraged to focus our eyes on Jesus who gave his whole life in faithfulness to God, giving his life totally out of love for all. As we keep that clear focus we join our life in the loving intention of Jesus to give himself for all.

Source: Anglican Fellowship of Prayer, Keeping a Holy Lent (www.anglicanprayer.org)

During Lent, we invite you to join us in making the Bishop Nathaniel Garang Training Centre a reality in South Sudan

Our goal is to raise $100,000 to build four classrooms, a computer laboratory, a Library, a Principal’s Office, Washrooms and a Cafeteria by the end of 2025.

Click here to watch Rev. Nathaniel Deng Mayen, St. Mary, Regina speak about the project:  Lenten appeal video


  • SEND a cheque payable to the Diocese of Qu’appelle or
  • SEND an etransfer to [email protected] 
  • Mark your donation “Bishop Nathaniel Training Centre”

Your financial support means you are there IN SOUTH SUDAN supporting SOUTHDOVE TRAINING SERVICES https://www.southdove.org/ to create a future for leadership in the church. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!



We will enhance the educational, leadership and theological training through the preparation, development and teaching of the South Sudanese clergy, and lay church and community leaders, laying the foundation for individual spiritual transformation and empowerment, and institutional accountability through accountable mentorship and theological formation.


We will provide access to equitable opportunities for quality education, leadership and theological training, leading to the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will enable south Sudanese church and community leaders become competitive for employment within and outside the church. Empowerment will prioritize the alleviation of the inequalities of access to education and leadership privileges by addressing the adverse effects of war, poverty, illiteracy, and disease in the local community through the organization’s participative community development.


We will facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the Bishop Nathaniel Garang Training Centre and theological colleges in Canada and other countries, whereby the students from Canadian Anglican theological colleges and dioceses may visit South Sudan to live and share the practical experience with the students at the centre and other believers from different cultural backgrounds.

Click here to see the Project request video.