Fall 2023 Introduction to Theology Course with Dr. Joel Houston

A basic overview of the central doctrines of the Christian faith, designed for those who have no previous formal training in Christian theology or for those who need a refresher.

A six-part series with the Dr. Joel Houston

Our beliefs about the "ultimate reality" play a crucial role in our decision-making process, big or small. Our ideas about God, the universe, and human existence shape and guide our lives. Introduction to Theology provides an opportunity to explore these significant questions in the Christian tradition. This course focuses on critical thinking, reading, and the development of a theology that is both orthodox and life-giving. The class pays attention to how Christian theology can be applied to various vocations, not just academic or pastoral careers.

This series will be offered by zoom on:
Oct. 3rd:
Course Introduction, A History of Theology as a Discipline
Oct 17th:
What is Theology? How and Why do we “do” Theology?
Nov 7th:
The Doctrine of God: Who is God? Language, Analogy, and Creed.
Nov 14th:
The Doctrine of Christ: New Testament language about Jesus, and the Person and Work of Christ.
Nov 28th:
The Doctrine of Salvation: What is salvation? Salvation from what? Models of Atonement.
Dec. 12th:
The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit: Person, Divinity, Function.

Joel Houston is Assistant Professor of Theology at Briercrest College and Seminary.

Registration is open until 11:59pm, December 12, 2023.

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