3 November 2017 - 30 November 2018

Sermon preparation and delivery.

The Qu’Appelle School for Mission and Ministry is pleased to announce a 5-part course on preaching. This course is recommended for all who are preparing for licensed ministry as a Reader, Deacon or Priest, but may be of benefit to anyone who is interested in learning the principles of sermon preparation and delivery. All are welcome.


Session 1             Preparing to Preach    

Introduction                What is homiletics/preaching?

The Purpose of Preaching

                                    What Scripture says about preaching

                                    The Theology of Preaching

                                    Prepare your Soul

Date HELD:      October 14th 2017 – Will be available online




Session 2             Developing the Plan            

                                    Understanding the Lectionary

                                    Understanding the texts

                                    Finding the central idea and staying focused

                                    Types of Sermons: expository, textual, topical

Date offered:     January 20th 2018





Session 3             Organizing the Sermon: From Idea to Message

                                    Finding a structure for effective delivery

                                    Researching the Text/Topic; Knowing the Tools

                                    Basic Exegesis

                                    Developing an Outline

                                    Remembering the ‘big story’ of the gospel

Date offered:     April 13th and 14th 2018




QSMM - Course in Preaching/Homiletics



Session 4             Illustration and Application

                                    Using stories, humour and illustrations in your homily

                                    Applying your message to life

                                    Styles of Preaching



Date offered:     June 8th and 9th 2018




Session 5             Preaching on special occasions

                                    Feasts, Fasts and Holy Days



                                    Special Occasions


Date offered:     October 12th and 13th 2018




Assignments: While there will be some academic reading, the focus of this course will be on the practical skills of sermon writing and sound delivery techniques. Participants will be required to preach in a group setting in the class. Every effort will be made to create a safe and supportive environment in which to do so.

Certificates will be awarded to participants who have fulfilled the requirements of the programme.

The cost of this course is included in the registration for the Diocesan Reader programme.

For those NOT registered in the Reader Programme, the cost is $600, which can be paid by installment.

For more information about the programme, contact Archdeacon Catherine at archdeacon.catherine@sasktel.net or phone the office at (306) 522 1608 ext 8. Information is also available on the diocesan website quappelle.anglican.ca




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Required information: To complete this registration, you will need registrant's contact information, allergies or food sensitivities, emergency contact.

Registration opens November 3.

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