July 25-29, 2018

Ages 6-12

Five days of Christian fellowship and fun for ages 6-12 held at Glen Harbor Kids Camp (65 km north of Regina on East side of Last Mountain Lake.) Our Directors Dave and Janice Kerr are returning along with their excellent team of leaders. Jesse Miller is our chaplain who will be teaching about Creation. 

Camp registration is between 4pm-5pm on Wednesday 25th June (there will be no supervision available prior to 4pm) and will conclude Sunday 29 July with a BBQ lunch from 12noon-1pm on Sunday 29th June with families welcome to join us. 

If you would like to join us for the the BBQ on the final day please RSVP to Julie Moser by 24th June (day before camp) so that we can arrange catering.

Cost $240 [family discount available by contacting Julie Moser]

For more information contact Julie Moser
306 690 2299


  • Sheets; pillowcase; sleeping bag/bedding
  • Clothes for wet, dry, cold, hot weather…it is Saskatchewan after all!
  • Walking shoes
  • Pyjamas
  • Soap/towel/wash cloth/comb or brush/toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Swimsuit and pool towel (bag to carry towel and swimsuit)
  • Sunscreen/sunhat
  • Bible/notebook/pencil
  • What might I want to bring?
  • Car booster seat for smaller children
  • Comfort item such as teddy bear or special blanket
  • What you don’t need to bring
  • Money
  • Electronics or other expensive items
  • Cell phone

Directions to Glen Harbor Kids Camp
Drive north from Regina to Lumsden
Head north on #20 towards Craven
Continue north on #20 and turn left onto #322 continue past Silton on#322
You will come to a big sign to Glen Harbor Kids Camp - turn left (if you go past a little white Anglican church on the hill on your left you have gone to far!)
Turn right on to Lynn’s Bay road towards Mohr’s Beach. You will come to some houses where the road turns - there are small camp signs pointing right - follow them to the carpark of GH kids camp.




  • Standard ($240.00)

Required information: To complete this registration, you will need registrant's contact information, your health card number, date of birth, any medications you'd like us to know about, allergies or food sensitivities, emergency contact.

Registration opens March 28.