August 12-16, 2019

An exciting camp that will allow you to experience the great Canadian outdoors, enjoying God’s creation in the wilderness.

We will meet in Regina on Monday, 12 August and travel to the Canadian Rockies in Alberta. We can arrange to pick up registered campers along the #1 Highway route to Canmore AB. We will be staying in one location, the Anglican Church in Canmore and spend each day on a day hike in the most beautiful parts of Canada before travelling home on Friday, 16 August.

Director: Ken Moser, Professor of Youth Ministry at Briercrest College and Seminary and parishoner at St Aidan, Moose Jaw.

Speaker: Josh Jensen, Student at Briercrest College and parishoner at St Aidan, Moose Jaw.

Leaders: Julie Moser, Diocesan Youth and Children's Missioner and Jaymee Jensen, parishoner at St Aidan, Moose Jaw.

Discounts are available for families who register 2 or more young people from the same family household. You will receive a discount of $25 for 2 and $40 for 3 on the final cost of family registration. To receive the discount please submit all registration forms together along with one payment.

Each night we will go to Elevation Place to swim and enjoy the pool/slide/hot tub/lazy river etc. We will have the option to do indoor climbing and to do this we need you to sign the online waiver for your teen by following the links below:
[click the line that says "Waivers and acknowledgement of risk": ]



A pack lunch for our travel day on Monday 12 August

$$ for food on travel days. You will need enough to cover supper on both travel days (Monday 12 August and Friday 16 August.) We will also stop at various locations for pick ups and gas stops so campers will have time to buy snacks if desired

A Bible and pen

Sleeping bag and pillow

Sleeping pad (we will be sleeping in a church hall so an inflatable sleeping pad will be needed.)

Hiking shoes (make sure you have shoes that are comfortable and suitable for hiking. If you have two pairs that might be helpful.)

A pair of clean sox for each day of hiking

Sunscreen and sunglasses


A day pack (with padded shoulder straps not strings. Needs to be a light pack for carrying your lunch on day hikes - don't bring something to big)



Clothes for warm and cold weather (mountain weather can be unpredictable)


Waterbottle (minimum 1 litre capacity)

Toiletries (please notify us of prescription medications)



We will meet at the synod office (1501 College Ave, Regina) at 8.00am on Monday morning 12th August.

NOTE: If you wish to be picked up somewhere along the #1 Highway that can be arranged.

We will arrive back to the synod office (1501 College Ave, Regina) on Friday evening 16th August. [We will give updates on the trip home for an accurate pick up time.]



You can bring your phone on this camp for the many opportunities to take pictures this camp will provide. HOWEVER, we will be requesting phones remain on airplane mode (no sending/recieving) and asking people not to be texting, making phone calls or using social media etc. except for designated times set on camp.

For emergencies parents can contact the camp leaders on 306 690 2299 or 306 630 2357.





  • Standard ($240.00)

Required information: To complete this registration, you will need registrant's contact information, your health card number, date of birth, any medications you'd like us to know about, allergies or food sensitivities, emergency contact.

Registration opens February 20.

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