The Halo Project

What is the Halo Project?

The Halo Project is a community outreach program based in Lumsden, Saskatchewan and area designed to impact people in the community in personal, practical ways by matching those who have a need with those who are able to give.  The project is a collaborative effort between All Saints Anglican Church, Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, St. Andrew's United Church, St. Peter's Catholic Church and others passionate about serving our community. 

Assistance is given in two main ways:

Acts of Service

Helping to meet day-to-day needs.  Examples include providing meals to someone who is sick, shovelling snow for a senior, babysitting for a single parent and picking up groceries for someone unable to drive. 

Volunteers may also donate professional services for several hours a month to someone who otherwise would not be able to access that service.  Examples include speech pathology, mechanic, tutoring, piano lessons, massage, counselling and home maintenance.

Monetary Sponsorships

Earmarking gifts of money for a specific purpose such as sponsoring a child to play a sport, take music lessons or attend a camp.  Assistance with medical expenses or providing funds for a parent to buy school supplies/clothes/winter clothing for their children are other examples.

How can I get involved?

If you want to make a difference for someone in our community, please contact us at [email protected] indicating what you are willing to do.  If you are able to provide several service options, that would be helpful in finding a matching need.

I know someone who has a need; how can I link them to the Halo Project?

Please provide a brief description of the need and send to [email protected]  In the interest of privacy, keep details to a minimum.  We will contact you to determine the best way to reach out to this individual.

Halo Project Committee Members:

  • Louise Holloway
  • Jean Holowaty
  • Kim Skidmore
  • Shasta Mund
  • Morgan Darbellay
  • Joanne White
  • Brittany McGeough