Youth and Children's Ministry

What does Youth ministry look like in the Diocese of Qu'Appelle?

According to our resident Youth Ministry coordinator, it can look very different from parish to parish. Youth ministry requires discerning and listening to where the Lord is working in the lives of our young people and coming alongside with support and encouragement. Fr. Michael Bruce is up to the task; he has endeavoured to set some goals for 2023.

Anyone who knows Michael knows his passion for liturgy. You may have noticed information about the Advent all age services that have been held in Regina in December. One of Michael's goals is to develop an all-age service template, ecumenical and accessible in nature, using various psychological principles that guide burn-out avoidance. The services focus on tactile and object lessons, teaching, discussion, and learning new skills, to name a few elements. The template will be made available in 2023 as a resource for anyone who wishes to offer multi-generational, non-threatening, and accessible multi-generational worship experience.

Michael also plans to support several youth to attend the Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth conference in August of 2023. He plans to gather interested youth in the spring to begin community building and orientation to the conference format.

We are excited to see how the Lord continues to bless our Diocesan families through this work!

Michael is also in the process of becoming involved at Luther High School in Regina. Luther holds regular chapel services for its students and Michael is working to ensure a regular Anglican presence at these services.

He also has plans to organize a virtual/in-person support group for parents and grandparents who are raising their children in the faith. Through psychological resources, presentations and discussion, he hopes to develop a community of faithful from around the Diocese who can provide encouragement and support to one another while tackling the tough job of handing on the faith to the younger generation.

While working towards these goals, Michael spends time in various parishes throughout the Diocese, listening and encouraging communities to discern the needs of its youth. Ultimately, Michael's desire is to empower the faithful to engage with the youth in their community.

It's a challenging job; each parish has a different context within which to discern God's plan for the community. We are very blessed by Michael's faithfulness and willingness to tackle such a difficult job and we give thanks to God.

January 17, 2023