Packing List for Families - Camp Harding

June 9, 2021 | Synod Office


Food - There is a small convenience store in the park which stocks essentials BUT you will want to bring the bulk of your groceries (especially fresh fruits and veggies) with you or plan to stop at the Maple Creek Co-op on your way through.

Clothes - Enough for the duration of your stay OR plan to pay for laundry. There is laundry available on-site in case of an emergency but it fills up the septic system very quickly so we ask you not to use it unless you are willing to pay for an additional pump-out. Alternatively, there is a small laundromat available in the park just down the road from the camp.

Bedding- Sheets, pillows, sleeping bags, extra blankets. Note, the sizes needed will depend upon the cabin you have booked (the bunkhouses are all singles, the smaller cabins each have a double or a queen).

Towels and Toiletries

Jackets and rain gear

Bug spray

Hats and Sunscreen

Good walking/hiking shoes

Weiner Sticks - there are only a couple available on-site

Favorite board Games, books, rainy day activities - a few of these available in the main hall

Life jackets (especially for little ones or hard-to-size individuals) - there are some on-site but better safe than sorry

Consider Bringing:

Drinking Water - this really isn’t necessary as the camp water comes straight from the treatment plant run by the park. However, as it has its own distinctive taste, if you have picky folks in your crew you might wish to bring some from home to make sure they stay hydrated.

A fan for your cabin (we have just a few fans and space heaters available for those who don’t have their own).

Bicycles - many of the trails are paved

Basketball(s) - we have a couple at the camp but they are well-used:)

Cash - most of the attractions in the park only take cash (mini-golf, ice cream, etc.)

Available On-site:

Camp kitchen (with basic cooking gear)

BBQ (though you may have to have the propane tank filled down the road if it runs out)

Fire pit

Showers and bathrooms

Old-style cabins with bunks and vinyl-covered mattresses

Mess hall (multi-purpose room) and craft room

Indoor ping pong table

Outdoor basketball hoop

“Use-at-your-own-risk” access to: Children’s kayaks, canoes, some archery gear