Genealogical Records

Anglican Church Records of Interest to the Genealogist/Family Historian

Scope: The Archives of the Diocese of Qu'Appelle consist primarily of Bishop's Papers, Diocesan Synod records, Synod Office records and Parish records. For the most part the records cover the period from the creation of the Diocese in 1884 to the present day. Some parish records date from an earlier time since a few parishes or missions were served by native catechists or itinerant priests from the neighbouring Diocese of Rupert's Land.

Principal sources of information of chief interest to the genealogist or family historian are: 1. parish registers and 2. clergy registers and index.

1. Parish registers consist of records of Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and Burials. Such records contain personal information about Anglican Church members that could be used to prove the passage of rites for an individual or to trace family and, more recently, genetic history. Registers were created and maintained by parishes located within the boundaries of the Diocese of Qu'Appelle which stretches from the Manitoba border to the Alberta border, from the international boundary to a line running north of Kindersley, Kenaston and Kamsack. The parish registers are not currently indexed.

In asking for a search for a Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage or Burial, you must have the following information:

1. Name of individual(s), names of parents (for Baptisms only), date of birth, date and location of rite performed, name of clergyman (optional)

2. Clergy registers have been created and maintained by the Synod Office staff since the 1920's. The Archivist has also created an Index to Early Clergy of the Diocese. Information in most cases is limited to education, ordination and parishes served within the Diocese.

Because of privacy concerns, access to parish and clergy registers is restricted. However, the Archivist will carry out a search in response to detailed written requests from genealogists and family historians. To contact the Archivist, return to the Archives homepage.

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